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February 12, 2006



I agree with the comment that the man sold drugs and should have considered the consequences first. However, if we try to keep in perspective the limited impact of his crime and the severe sentences routinely handed down and the conditions in which prisoners must serve their sentences, a little mercy wouldn't be a bad thing. I have been to Khlong Prem 7 times to see a female inmate. Almost all of the inmates are quite young and being held for very long sentences for minor drug crimes. It is very depressing. I would also ask you to consider the judicial system itself in Thailand and the due process which is all less than ideal, especially for those who lack significant resources with which to navigate the system. I can't deny that ultimately, the best idea is to stay far far away from anything that might get you in trouble in Thailand, ... but I have also seen that in Thailand, being in the wrong place at the wrong time or with the wrong police officer is enough... the crime or lack of it being irrelevent in locking someone away for a long long time in very difficult conditions. Bottom line... stay out of trouble, but also know that everyone in Khlong Prem is not an arch-criminal international drug trafficker. Most are young adults that have committed what would be minor offenses in the West and are paying with huge sentences and harsh conditions that are painful to contemplate.


"That we are lucky walking the world free and cheerfully. We shall never forget that our happiness can be quickly taken away and other people need us."

Ok enough with this crap. this guy is in there for a reason. he sold drugs. and like you said, everyone of us knows the stories about thai prison life. one reason more to think twice before dealing with drugs in south east asia. of course it is a more or less inhumane treatment there, but this guy did not arrive there by accident. he is a criminal and new the potential consequences of his actions beforehand. or at least he should have.


a most interesting post, thank you very much.

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