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April 26, 2007


mohd ali


millaty nadia fauziah


Wedding Ideas

- The stacked bob: This is very popular hair cut for girls and it works on all hair types. The style is layered to make a partial wedge in the back and expose the nape of the neck.


is this a make believe wedding or what? the bachans and rai are very rich people can't they afford a bit more expensive jewelery for ash. there very stingy 4 doing this.


Like every culture there are some deep-rooted ignorance stemming from very backward customs that are followed generations after generations.Normal, educated Indians do not abort based on the gender of their foetuses anymore.The ignorant ones still do.The reason being that girls would add on to the burden of the head of the family who not only has to support her until she becomes a grown up, he also has to obtain enough dowry for her to be married off.So for a poor Indian man, life seems easier with only sons to fend for.


I just found this blog and its great, im very interested in indian culture and u gave me something to think about.
Why do they abort girls? i just dont get it...

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