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February 11, 2008



Love the blog. Writing from Los Angeles, the effect of long daily commutes is pernicious and ubiquitous. Apart from myself, who walks to and from our biotech start-up's offices! I did a 20 mile driving commute from Marina Del Rey to Pasadena for the first month when I moved here and that was enough. I would agree that walking and cycling definitely makes for happier people. Mind you, when I've visited Zurich, I don't remember seeing many aggressive drivers with status-driven cars, just many very polite, considerate drivers to come to a complete stop if a pedestrian even vaguely looks like they might be about to cross the road.


why would anyone drive when the streets are so beautifully paved, with quaint streetlamps as those!

(sorry to barge in, came across your blog after coming back from laos two weeks ago and googling to see what others thought of it...luang prabang is heavenly)

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